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2014年2月26日 (水)

milky-cat movie SD upgrade notification

Dear customer.
Now we are working to up-convert our SD(480ix640) movie to semi HD(770p x1028).

Since the last year, we did same convert for some of our SDs, however,
we will replace it with "making" movie and without interlace around March-April.

Actually we are keeping SDs by DVCAM tapes. the format is avi.
but this physical media banking is a bit risky for secular variation.
and HD format is improving year by year.
to capture everytime par digital format change, it is hard and getting a risk for damaging.

then, this time we are convert it to mpeg grade for the future preparing,

New 768p Encode

Old(current 480i) Encode

besides, most of our SD DVDs have been finished to sell in spite of popularity,
we assume a lot of people not only japanese but also foreign funs can't see it
on the internet.

so we remake it as current grade movie.

the new semi HD movies are large size pixel, fit to windows media player ver 9,10,11,12,
and clarity is sharpen by digital filtering.

and number of files decrease. all movies are 4-5 movies and 750M-1Gbyte filesize each from 12-15 files.
(we only focus broadband / optic)

we will replace them little by little as soon as we complete,

in fact the price will a bit rise so if you want to save some for our download movie,
Please get it in a hurry.



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« DMCR-26 | トップページ | BLT02, DMC20、GK03 HD convert is going! »