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2014年11月22日 (土)

Preparing Oversea Shipping

Now We are preparing oversea DVD/Blu-ray shipping.
actually we need to confirm a lot about this but it might be possible now.

So, we will start our shopping cart system soon.

we have 2 billing types.

Credit Card: we will reuse milky-cat movie cart for this. we will let you know about the detail after order.

Wired: We will let you know about the account after order, you need to pay transfer fee.

Paypal: porn bill is prohibited and paypal blocks pay into Japan from oversea, then it is impossible.

Shipping way

we will use international e-packet or EMS. you can chose.
EMS is great but expensive. Japan Post started new service as internet order EMS as international E-packet,
then We would like to use it. the custom and flight is as same as EMS.
this is traceable on internet and e-mail notification.
Shipping cost is 1500JPY-2800JPY it depends on package weight.

we will send you as "a gift" or you can notify.

We are happy that foreign fan can get our DVD/Blu-ray soon.

Please remember our DVD is region2 NTSC and Blu-ray is regionA and NTSC.

for foreign shipping, we need to confirm a lot of things with you. so we will send e-mail after your order.

Please wait temporary.


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