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2015年3月13日 (金)

About multiple langage and our supplement

Actually we want to translate all language but it is not available.
then talk in eng about it.

In fact I don't know how fans enjoy our memeber's website in spite of mainly Japanese.
we have attempted translate it in English sometimes,
however, impossible, cos we need to put all of English subtitles on our movies too.

it is too heavy responsibility for us like a small factory in Japan.
if we can sell our DVD/blue-ray in all over the world. it may be possible.

but currently, internet rating is getting stricter day by day. so we can't appear or appeal
what we are on internet day by day.

it means rating, internet suing to admin(facebook, twitter, amazon etc)

once someone complain, the strong internet control take our content down from their SNS,
so porn company can't make ad easily on internet.

that's why we need to stand alone on internet without any support except you fans.
but it means our volume is still small. then we want to pay but impossible to make subtitle everyday.

luckily I made a twitter account then I can show you what we are on internet some.

in the future we will create mobile page for foreign people.

from Feb, we opened our DVD/Blu-ray shipping page on.
so some of our great fans bought our a lot of DVD / Blu-ray discs.

we can't offer you as a price like USA market, that is why we need to be based on Japan.
the law is very strict but we can create really extreme Video for you.

And I described in Japanese side only, about the special supplement for SEX, Cum and your strong bottom.

this time I try to describe about it in English.

Our Special Sex supplement named "Shiruou" make thick your cum and strong your bottom by poison Sneak gallbladder and Maca with multivitamins.

this is packed as 3 capsules. if you take 3, you will be excited like sleepless and fuck strongly after 3 hours later.

if you take 1 in a morning, you won't be tired after strong work like our film shooting.
ofcause wanking and shot, you won't be tired.

if you keep 3days cum in suck and take 3. your cum will be thick and you won't be tired.

Me and My staff in shooting, he takes it often as a test.
he works without lunch and so hard(age is over 35)
the filming staff work is so hard you imagine, but he can keep his power untill midnight
even make 2thick candle cumshots on actress's face all over.

this supplement is based on chinese sex supplement, but I make it of japanese poison snake, and
very high quality maca get from my friend in supplement company.

however, Sneak gallbladder is very rare (5mm tip from 1sneak)
and expensive. so usually gallbladder supplement includes 0.05mg.
I used it over 30% about 3mg.
then price is so high and I can't make it by price rising.
the quantity is limited 700packs currently.



if you are into this, please leave comments.

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« DMC01,02,03のニューエンコードを近日UPします | トップページ | 今週も通販キャンペーンやります »





« DMC01,02,03のニューエンコードを近日UPします | トップページ | 今週も通販キャンペーンやります »