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2015年8月20日 (木)

A new condition for foreign signup and New titles.

Hello there.
Actually we set a new condition of foreign signup to put your nationality and phone country code +xx.
this is a cause of chargeback protection of our billing company.

Actually we are annoyed by a lot of chargebacks from overseas.
It seems that some people has been stolen their credit card entirely, not scanning.

We are strongly recommend you to check your credit card receipt online everymonth.

our payment is appeared simply ":ET / ETCS / REO".
but a lot of company uses :ET / ETCS / REO too. so you should check it with your signup date to us.

Sorry about your inconvenience.

and here is our Sep new titles review shots.

we will have 2 special event in 13th September in Akihabara Tokyo.

If you have time, meet our super bukkake star Rei MIzuna and us.

FRB-13 The Dry Bukkake: Dry cumslut Rei Mizuna



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