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2017年1月11日 (水)

Urgent Crisis Clala will quit! relief us!

Hello bukkake guys, I keep Clala's shoot soon, but today,
unfortunately I have an info that she will quit porn soon.

We wanna make more but less budget.
Please relief us urgently.


Yes japanese porn got seriously big problem to be taken a lot of model companies
by uncensored shoot and against human rights(they threaten some girls to attend porn)

then from the last June, 60-70% of porn job has lost.

we tried to treat it but fans hope us to make a shoot by a lot of guys, then
we couldn't handle it fully by budget problem.
but now situation is urgent. an agent said me she will quit soon.
that's why her twitter is quiet.

so we must keep her schedule to extend her quit till march.
please relief us to make a great gokkun.

the situation is urgent.

She is only western porngirl can speak Japanese and French so much.

All the best.





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« DMC04ダウロード準備中 | トップページ | 複数の女優さんが引退の危機 »