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2017年2月20日 (月)

DMCR29 FHD download will be out in March

Dear Bukkake Crazys!

Sorry about our delay, DMCR29 will be out in early March.


In fact, we have been pretty annoyed by free takers for a long time,
especially a lot of people gave us congrats, bravo, unbelievable, and fascinate, however
lots of stupid said it without paying.

this doesn't mean relief nor saying bravo to Yuria's work, it is RAPE it.

A lot of porngirls have quit Jporn from the last year by taken J-uncensored,
model companies, and DMM.

We guess Caribbeancom will be disappeared suddenly like XVN in 2007.
ICPO has moved to investigate it. so J-uncensored and porn companies that were
associated with uncensored will be arrested, be taken. or disappear.

it means J-porn business will drop suddenly, and unmakeable money.
so I say a lot of J-girl will quit porn.

Fortunately, I persuaded Leroy Clala, then she gave me a few more time till quit.
so I will make it more than before,
but I have more long queue for our bukkake shoot.
I have a lot of cuteys, Madoka, Aya, and unveiled fascinates.

I have to take them. so please relief us.



DMC/R31 reservation will delay more than JP release. because still idiots attempt to take
and our product capacity can't afford to make it.

Many thanks for your relief intention.

Shiruou milkycatcom

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« VIPでMOVIE公開中夏目レイコ | トップページ | DMR29のFHD ダウンロードは3月上旬開始 »