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2017年4月10日 (月)

About DMC/R32 The 1Pinter reservation

Hello Bukkake Friends.
Luckily we will be able to release DMC/R32 Marika the 1pinter extreme in April2017.
About the reservation.

Please Check Here.






We have launched a new UI online shop for Japanese Users, but this API
has no English version, so currently it is accessible for only Japanese users.

please use english online shop system so far.

we are already launched Credit Card Billing for Media purchase.
so it is easier than before to order.

Please pay attention
DVD version is region Free. but NTSC system. in EU and other western except US, please check
your multi player.

Blu-ray is region A(Asia/US), NTSC. EU user must be played on PC or multi player.
and Before PowerDVD ver14, it will have trouble to play by old BD activation key,
then you need to upgrade Power DVD15,16 or new.

I tried to unlock BD region to 0, but current our program is uncontrollable to change it.

This one pinter was taken in 2012, we had very hard trouble about warehouse bankruptcy.
so I took this by my personal budget. and mosaic was too many and annoying.

and some of our staffs quit by porn business collapse. so I have no choice to leave it for a
long time.

but our new powerful mosaic partner could make it shortly, then we can release it 2017.
We are sorry.

about the one pinter, a cause of budget and hard shooting. this is temporary last title.
I will make it in the future, but the style will change.
Because DMC32 is perfect. then I will make it by other girl, other style, and
I won't pursue the perfection.

we need to hire a lot of guys by higher fee, take more staffs, money,
and great star.
it is difficult as long as we must make it current foundation.

so if you would like to see more, please buy or join.

Recently J-uncensored website company has been arrested and a lot of J-uncensored
websites will stop soon.

it means some of users will join JP website, but
more of girls will lose the work.

the shooting is currently 60% decrease more than the last year.

and a lot of girls and actors were arrested by uncensored issue before over a year.

then JP porn business will drop more and more.

So I wanna ask you to join us or donation without piracy.

that's only 1 solution to continue to make great bukkake/gokkun.

We have girls. but no budget, no staffs.

Best regards.


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