2017年2月20日 (月)

DMCR29 FHD download will be out in March

Dear Bukkake Crazys!

Sorry about our delay, DMCR29 will be out in early March.


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2017年2月10日 (金)

Price Change announcement of milkycat movie download

Dear Bukkake Buddies!

OUr DMC31 Ultimate Eye Bukkake+Nose Hooked Facial+ The one Pinter will be
release in 3rd March!
unfortunately some stupid piracy took our titles on torrent then we must stop some
coutry to ship, but Our delay won't be longer.

we must make some shoots and solve the bandwidth issue, we have to rise our DMC/FB full HD movie price
about 100~200JPY.
it will be changed in the next week.

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2017年1月15日 (日)

DMC04 Full HD Download soon

Now DMC04's refined digital mosaic work finished, and we are preparing FHD download.
Please be patient till our preparation.

Here is full HD large picture.


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2017年1月11日 (水)

Urgent Crisis Clala will quit! relief us!

Hello bukkake guys, I keep Clala's shoot soon, but today,
unfortunately I have an info that she will quit porn soon.

We wanna make more but less budget.
Please relief us urgently.


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2017年1月 9日 (月)

We rose basic bandwidth for 24hours

Hello Bukkake lovers!

Actually, we have unexpecting high traffic in the early morning and noon(japan time)
I imagine yours bukkake friends attempt to wank or download movie.

so we rose basic bandwidth through 24hours.

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2017年1月 3日 (火)

Happy New Year buddies.

Hello Bukkake geeks!

Japanese new year holiday is longer than west, then our delivery and online support stop
by 3rd Jan.
we will restart from 4th.

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2016年12月27日 (火)

USA shipping stops temporary.

Hello guys.

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2016年12月19日 (月)

All PO box shipping is suspended.

Dear all Bukkake buddies.

Unfortunately, we found a pirate for our new title, then we suspend the order.

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2016年11月25日 (金)

FB-16 Cumdumpster Yuria Outstory Full HD Download

Hello Cumdumpster crazies!
FB-16 Cumdumster Yuria The story after a few years is out on our download store!

Download FBR16 Full HD Movie!


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2016年11月16日 (水)

Please Support us for Ultimate Gokkun Shoots

Actually, I repost a few times, now I found A LOT OF CUTEY GOKKUN/BUKKAKE SLUTS.
so we need to make shoots but no budgets.
unfortunately, All girls hopes to do ULTIMATE GOKKUN / BUKKAKE like multi pinter!

so I need more and more budgets.
I don't like cloud founding(it is for clean business not porn/dirty business)
then I won't do, but I wanna ask you to buy something/anything on our website!

Support for your DREAMS.

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