2017年11月26日 (日)

10% OFF! BBD Download on Black Firday

Black Friday Sale between 24 -30 Nov(Japan Time GMT+9) Our BBD Full HD download


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2017年7月 9日 (日)

FB20 dijest movie available in members area

Thanks for 14K followers on twitter!
Some new pics will be on soon.

In the members' area, the New FB20 digest movie is available.
(Our staff pasted as "sample" but it's wrong. it is digested)
Why not full? Because this is mostly for mobile and glance huge area.
I guess it should be extended much more in the future.
But I think we should sell super high data movie download too, as same as bluray price.
However, it needs much more download time.
Then just thinking Some of members asked us about the term and history.


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2017年4月22日 (土)

Un accident est arrivee

Malheurousement, j'ai eu un accident de velo et eu un oppelation de bras droit.
car il me faut prendre patience pendent 4 ou 5 smeines a peu pres et
notre travail de produit arretera qq mois comme FB-20, et autres.
mais Aya retoura milkycatcom avec plus fois et mieux represantation.
SVP donnez mois vos encouragement pour nouvaux touranages

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2017年4月10日 (月)

About DMC/R32 The 1Pinter reservation

Hello Bukkake Friends.
Luckily we will be able to release DMC/R32 Marika the 1pinter extreme in April2017.
About the reservation.

Please Check Here.


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2017年3月17日 (金)

About Foreign VIP Signup Error

Sometimes, Foreign Bukkake lover's VIP signup is failed.
we are not sure the reason, but we explain about this.

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2017年3月15日 (水)

Our New Credit Card Billing for Media launched.

Hello Bukkake Friends.

Officially Announce, our new credit card billing for DVD shipping launched.
please give us the order from the overseas.
we are welcome about your relief for product and models.
we need to motivate model to continue. then need more power.

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2017年3月 7日 (火)

FBR-19/DMCR31 are able to ship overseas in this week

Hello Bukkake guys.
sorry about our delay by manipulation shipping, then we are able to proceed to our titles to ship
overseas in this week.


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2017年2月20日 (月)

DMCR29 FHD download will be out in March

Dear Bukkake Crazys!

Sorry about our delay, DMCR29 will be out in early March.


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2017年2月10日 (金)

Price Change announcement of milkycat movie download

Dear Bukkake Buddies!

OUr DMC31 Ultimate Eye Bukkake+Nose Hooked Facial+ The one Pinter will be
release in 3rd March!
unfortunately some stupid piracy took our titles on torrent then we must stop some
coutry to ship, but Our delay won't be longer.

we must make some shoots and solve the bandwidth issue, we have to rise our DMC/FB full HD movie price
about 100~200JPY.
it will be changed in the next week.

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2017年1月15日 (日)

DMC04 Full HD Download soon

Now DMC04's refined digital mosaic work finished, and we are preparing FHD download.
Please be patient till our preparation.

Here is full HD large picture.


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