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2018年4月18日 (水)

DMC31 the one pinter download soon

Sorry about your long waitings.

DMC32 the One pinter marika's download will be soon(ard may)

And we did some change about our website and pricing.


Actually, I updated this blog in Jp recently, cos I couldn't afford to make it by
a cause of fitting new porn rule in Japan.

Sorry about this, in brief, I explain This article was that
I encountered Miharu Kai In NB-03 at a supermarket near my house.

I took this natural cumslut before 2010, then it has past for a few years,
but she was her except wearing very conservative cloth.

other article I described about new porn rule and I have to be fit it.
it was so tired for me then I couldn't afford.

Basically all of porn so far will die except covered thick mosaic(as you know on piracy)
then some idiots compared our stuffs and other better known cum videos of big party by pretty cheap price,
but it is pointless because we were not under strict control by major websites.

then we could offer you very thin mosaic.

but unfortunatly, most of people have ignored our effort,
most of people compared our suffs with "uncensored".
we can't take any mosaic as long as making in Japan.

so we had been only risk with payless and piracies.

Now everything changed.
J-uncensored stopped to update except old stuffs.
it will be almost closed and actrice must take their uncensored stuff by trial.

J uncensored killing storm is still going.
piracy website will be gone.
Jp gov started to take it down.
one of big piracy of JP comic piracy web closed in this month.
and other western(xtubes) will be affected with this by stopping advertisement network web.
now it is considered like "darkweb" in Japan.
Jp gov and Police will be focus this advertisement company as the next target
like they took all of model company of JPorn.

so the titles we could published by thin mosaic so far,
it will be finished to release or be stopped.

now they are really precious for you.
this is very good oppotunity for us that we can still sell it.
so some dmc downloads change the price.

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« DMC34で完結 | トップページ | 斎藤みゆHDdownload開始Miyu Saitoh FHD download was out. »





« DMC34で完結 | トップページ | 斎藤みゆHDdownload開始Miyu Saitoh FHD download was out. »