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2018年6月15日 (金)

Korean War was one of reason of JPorn mosaic

Trump and Kim discussed about the finishing of Korean War, Really?
Miyu is also surprised lol!
I let you know about why mosaic was covered pussy by Korean War.


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After WW2, by the rule of United Nations, US army(GHQ) had to be out from Japan.
But this is like a paradise for them and a new teritory against USSR-Chinese Comunism.

Korean War was happend as a good timing. GHQ attempted to stay Japan longer to change the rule to
protect Korea.

But Korean War has stuck.

then US needed to take their whole army and navy to Korea, then Japan has been vacant.

So, GHQ created Japanese constitution and take all military power, but then changed constitution secretly.
They created Police Reserve Force to protect Japan insted them.
PRF became Self Defence Forece today.

Often in Japan, SDF is seriousely annoiyng issuse even national trial,
but GHQ made Supreme Court changed their judgement(Sunagawa incident

GHQ(US military) was an emperor to Japan, not was, still now.

mosaic was one of the result of their occupation.

aftetr WW2, every japanese people were very poor.
especially women.

then they have been prostiting everywhere to make money for US people.
means JP girl and US military fucked everywhere.
consequently, a lot of half children borned, or lots were abondaned.

So, GHQ ordered Jp Gov to create anti prostitution law.

then all of prostitution(make money by fucking) has been prohibited.

I wanna storongly say this is a reason of mosaic.

Any Japanese girl never make any fuck to make money even porn.

so, basically our fuck is not real, it is a performance act.
that's why we must cover fuck. it was spreaded to cover pussy and dick.

Now I know you understand. Japanese fuckin mosaic was created by USA.
and now Japan was secretly controled by US military.
then JP gov can't change the rule to uncover pussy.

It was a cause of Korean War is not over.
D.Trump will make this finish I heard, really?
USA will change the rule that they have been getting tons of money ...getting out Japan?

I believe you people must sue USA, United Nations, or Trump to change this rule, it is quicker.
JP gov can't take mosaic by themselves.

It is not controled JPD, it is controled USA-military.

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