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2018年11月13日 (火)

Official Statement of Jporn disaster new rule

Dear Bukkake buddies.

Since this year, Sometimes I mentioned about new porn rule(Strict forced censorehship).
I inform you that All J-uncensored shoots were terminated since 2017.
so current uncensored websites have only choice to use past contents and
some of big web group has been investigated for a long time.
Today, I inform about this new rule guidline to everybody want to come Japan to attempt porn filiming.
Even in Japan, now porn production is really difficult to make, most of film makers are almost collapsed.
and business is almost dieing.
every fee dropped and lost a lot of job, even western guest can get small bucks to swallow a pint of cum?
Definetly not or deadly cheap.
so I explain why and how it has happend so far.

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J-porn encountered a big trouble with mostly carriban.com and other uncensored porn in 2016-2017.

They made too much censored, uncensored porn. and some of models sued model agency and made a trial.
They forced porn filming for girls illegaly.
and it became a really big social problem in Japan.
one of commumist lawyer(now lawyers have increased too much and no work in Japan)
made a big noise to get money from porn girls. then J-GOV made an action.
besides, JP police DPT, they had been fully angry to uncotrol jp uncensored as
carribian.com, Tokyohot, especially a group of D2pass.
consequently, in April 2017, jp police had investigated
Mr Big Boss of porn and CA(model agency’s and shooting company)and
had arrested Pierro LTD(shooting company in Japan who took carribiancom films).
Actually, nobody knows the association between model agency and carribian,
but in fact, Pierro LTD, and a few of model companies
have been arrested. Plus some of shooting staffs were arrested(they're released now).
Totally 90% of model companies has been arrested by these illegal porn work charge,
then from 2015, no model companies accept any uncesnored shoot.
so currently, most of uncensored films have been taken before 2015.
Pierro LTD has died. it means all of J-uncensored film shoot stopped.

in 2018, J-police annouced "officially" before model companies, film makers, and producers that
J-Police will be arrest any illegal hiring and uncensored shoot by anyhow, anytime, and anybody who take uncensored.
so all of model companies stopped to offer girls to porn makers not only uncensored, but also unregistered company in censored organization like IPPA or JVPS.

this is the trouble happend so far.

and now these procedure is proceeding.

all of model companies never accept offer any girl to film makers without registered J-censored association.
they forces thick mosaic and very strict rules.
Actually they are banned even word"JK""Schoolgirl" not only expression.
the registered filmmakers will be almost dead by these pressure.

but from April 2018, if we want to continue to the shoot, we have to register the association.
and J-Police will focus to arrest non registered film makers.

then if we want to continue the film making, we have to register.
that is really bad and be irritate for us to take any free expression, however, we can’t protest to J-police.

so one thing I can say, past titles till 2017 are really thin mosaic.

We are looking for a security hole but I don’t know when we stop to release medias.

One thing I say there is no paysite like us in Japan anymore.
most of porn film makers were owned by big online seller that was under censorship controle.
they have no way to sell it independetly, no own their domains.

To starting new porn paysite, we have to register on Police dpt but now it is very difficult.
Your must get a lot of documents, difficult agreements of "PORN".
Even successfully you registered, All creditcard payment will reject about porn.
So even if you registered successfully, you can't start online pay.
Even if you cleared these 2 big walls, you must fight with a lot of free tubes like xvideos, and uncensored websites still alived.
I think it isn't worth to pay a lot of money and spend time to start new website.

our analcrusher did not have many members still.
because it is pretty new. we need to create more contents to pay.


Consequently J porn has no developping about censored and uncensored website,
No launched new paysite, and 90% of current pornmakers has no choice except living by rotten DVD marketting.
then good/trustworthy Jp paysite like milkycatcom is only one website nowadays.

I repeat, Jporn fans must know you have no choice except seeing censored stuff officially.
and Bukkake/Gokkun shoot are having a big pressure to be stopped by censoreship devils.

So I decided to rise all past milkycat products price.
because they are in gray, so they've a great value to buy legally.
I don’t know we can do same business same as so far under the new rule.
but We sware, We never use fake cum even our titles will be covered thick mosaic.
besides our past staffs are not controled of new rules, it can be offered great thin pix.

My fans, if you have some question or wondering about this fuckin rules,
please don't ask us,
Please ask Japanese Police Department Directly.
We have no idea about this too.
I just mentioned the fact happend so far.

If you hope to change this fuckin rule, You should ask to Mr US president(currently, it is Mr Trump)
who has only one person can change.
Because J porn censoreship has been created to stop the prostitution by J-widows and US army after WW2.


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« A real cosplayer Mizuki's unreleased HD本物レイヤー美月の未公開HD | トップページ | Autoplaylist on VIP Aine and Yuria VIP改装 »





« A real cosplayer Mizuki's unreleased HD本物レイヤー美月の未公開HD | トップページ | Autoplaylist on VIP Aine and Yuria VIP改装 »