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2021年9月16日 (木)

Our past credit gateway has opened again! and Onlyfans etc

Thanks for coming our Onlyfans Live with Hikaru 3rd times.
please check our onlyfans.

We have a good news and a bad news.
Good news is our past payment gateway(ET, rejected in 2019) has re-opened without 3D secure.
6600JPY VIP fulll access offer by this accident finished today.
Monthly Subscription 3400JPY+VIP 3200JPY= 6600JPY(61USD).
30Days full access(Credit or 3D secure) =6800JPY(65USD).
Please Signup VIP here for our new updates

Bad news is we will be away from onlyfans.
Please check below. today My blog is in English.


In March 2019, All creditcards companies in Japan
have rejected foreign creditcards suddenly.
I heard this was a cause of banking policy change or financial reason.
No many foreign customers from overseas used Japanese pornwebsites.
Maybe milkycat was only one company got a lot of foreign fans.

This has happend just after a shoot with Natalie Mars,
Then we couldn't afford to make any filming with foreign fans.
And also we got Covid disaster. no foreign actress can come to Japan.

I talked with ET and my friend was in there,
He negotiated with many banks and they allowed rebill member's keeping.
So only rebill subscribers could pay by creditcard so far.
Other foreign fan had no way.
Coincidentaly I had a contract with another payment processor in Dec, 2018.
Just I talked them about this issue, Luckily they had an way to allow foreign cards by 3D secure.
But it was in Japanese, and 3D secure is a bit complicated.

A fan on twitter adviced me PayPL, I had one account with no used on their,
I heard PayPl hated porn, so once they find it, they suspend strongly, forever I heard.
But I sacrificed my account for our fans.
It has been working for 2years fortunately, but it was suspended in this April.

This is very taugh work. I have been negotiating about the payment re-open with a lot of payment processors
for 3years, sometimes stopped, sometimes being ignored by conservative people.
And platforms too. this was law issue, I was tired.

In 2020, PornHub disaster has happend.
Also I heard in Paris, the protest of Balance ton pornocliminel happened
and some of SNS friends were jailed.
Next was PornHub trouble.
All foreign banks turned to keen to hate big porn companies.

In August, Onlyfans got this disaster.
It seems banks hate that company has big time by porn even if
it is a self-financing way of girls on stage, street, films, and LGBT.
Onlyfans stayed their policy after strange change and change.
But something changed.
Onlyfans Asia has closed, and EU team handles everything directly,
I think a lot of people have quit...
Some banking payout closed.
I have very bad feeling about this like platform disaster so far.
So we will be far away from Onlyfans temporary.
I salvaged all our streams from OF storage already,
We will edit and rerun it in our VIP.

Our work is not creating sex slave.
Even it looks like so, it is girls wish, their particular sex taste.
Our work is giving a self financing way to the mild mental retardation
or mild autism ​girls(they can't work, or easy to get suicide ) or
Particular BDSM sexuality(We say "Mania" in japanese)
Porn industry makes them stand up without any social support.
Porn industry under the rule is same as black money?

So I netgotiated again by this POV.

Now, the route has opened again.
Please support us.


From VIP,
DMCR42 Tapiocum  200Rotten Gokkun Miho Tomii






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« Live again 9.12OF liveの概要 | トップページ | 9.12ライブありがとうございました。のonlyfans終了へ »