2022年6月 5日 (日)

About New Porn shoot prohibitation law(stopping all shoot, or jailed) in Japan, approved June.2022.

Dear world MC fans.
Somebody asked me about New Porn Law in Japan that approve in June .2022,
I explain it in English here can make hotlink easily.

New Porn Law
This is storonger than New Porn Rule in 2016. This is the law established in Diet in Japan.
All political party agreed with this so we have no choice to unapprove this suppressive law to crush Jporn industry.

Here is the point

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2021年9月21日 (火)

Monthly Subscription has re-launched now

Now our monthly subscription re-launched(I tested this time).
I've been forgetting monthly subscription needs discount setup.
I am very sorry about your inconvenience.

Please Signup now. It is operational!

Mizuki's Bukkake Hustle 100! new DMCR 

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2021年9月16日 (木)

Our past credit gateway has opened again! and Onlyfans etc

Thanks for coming our Onlyfans Live with Hikaru 3rd times.
please check our onlyfans.

We have a good news and a bad news.
Good news is our past payment gateway(ET, rejected in 2019) has re-opened without 3D secure.
6600JPY VIP fulll access offer by this accident finished today.
Monthly Subscription 3400JPY+VIP 3200JPY= 6600JPY(61USD).
30Days full access(Credit or 3D secure) =6800JPY(65USD).
Please Signup VIP here for our new updates

Bad news is we will be away from onlyfans.
Please check below. today My blog is in English.


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2021年4月18日 (日)

New payment option Bitsafe

Dear fans.
Unfortunately Paypal has been suspended(We knew this would be finished, but we sacrificed our account for your necessity)

Now we only have 3Dsecure creditcards, or Amex(witjout3Dsecure) from the west.
Please apply 3D secure on your creditcard(call your issued company) if you are intend.

On the other hands, we have Bitsafe.
This company is available for Porn paysite, so now we can accept your free bitsafe transfer.

about Bitsafe

We opened this for our Manyvids, this is avaiable for porn and international pay.
However, the currency must be changed Euro, so we must change our pricing.
Now we are discussing with them about pricing structure.
Please let us know you are familiar with Bitsafe or not.


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2019年11月29日 (金)

You can get our stuffs at BUKKAKE booth in Akihabara 我在4楼做了一个BUKKAKE架子秋葉原

I am Shiruou from milkycat.com. Thank you for cuming.
I made our booth at Akihabara.
我在4楼做了一个BUKKAKE架子!多言語表記 by multi language
I made BUKKAKE booth on 4th floor of Akiba media shop EPIX

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2019年4月 5日 (金)

VISA, Master have rejected foreign Payment for J porn except AMEX

VISA, Master(foreign issued) have rejected all porn payment in Japan.
I hope it is not related with new porn censoreship rule.
Our system is still acceptable AMEX.
Now barely, we found another payment processor.
They accept Visa/Master but only available with 3D secure pin.
About 3D secure, please see here.
Current signup is only 30days manually publishing(you don't need to cancel).
We are making program to replace new processor, but it is 100% new build.
It will take longer. and we don't know you pay by Creditcard or other trf.
then we publish your credentials manually after finding your payment.
(somebody can transfer soon, somebody transfer after a few days.
somebody fails.)
We can continue rebills before 5th April 2019.
So please don't cancel your membership. once you have cancelled,
you never signup your credit card.


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2018年11月13日 (火)

Official Statement of Jporn new rule and hitory(updated)

Dear Bukkake buddies.

First of all, if you are wondering about mosaic in Japan,
Please read the history of here.

Since this year, Sometimes I mentioned about new porn rule(Strict forced censorship).
I inform you that All J-uncensored shoots were terminated since 2017.
so current uncensored websites have only choice to use past contents and
some of big web group has been investigated for a long time.
Today, I inform about this new rule guideline to everybody want to come Japan to attempt porn filming.
Even in Japan, now porn production is really difficult to make, most of film makers are almost collapsed.
and business is almost dying.
every fee dropped and lost a lot of job, even western guest can get small bucks to swallow a pint of cum?
Definitely not or deadly cheap.
so I explain why and how it has happened so far.

Aya retired. Please check our FB-19

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2018年6月15日 (金)

Korean War was one of reason of JPorn mosaic

Trump and Kim discussed about the finishing of Korean War, Really?
I let you know about why mosaic was covered pussy associated with Korean War.

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2018年6月 4日 (月)

Privacy Policy was updated(GDPR)

Hello there. our privacy policy has been updated by GDPR.

Please check and agree with this before use.

Aine Kagura's cumdumpster#3 was updated. in VIP members area


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2018年6月 1日 (金)

Creation overseas

Yesterday, I described a little about the future style of porn makers.

I joined hulu and watched some, then future online movies will be separated from porn
by the reason that it becomes grobal service at home.

Amina is originally a foreign girl born in Japan.
It is one of the future.


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